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Our Approach

One of the key principles of our Real Food Philosophy is that Transparency Builds Trust – and as we celebrated our 150th year in 2019, this holds true today more than ever. Our consumers expect us to do what’s right and be transparent with them – from the farm to their kitchen counter.

Whether that’s growing our food sustainably, sourcing our key ingredients responsibly or reducing our overall impact on the environment. In 2019, we took the opportunity to review our 15 key ingredients – 14 food ingredients and paper packaging – and began creating a plan to ultimately ensure that everything we source is done so responsibly. The way to get there will require diverse solutions, partnerships and focus – and we are committed to working closely with suppliers, farmers and others on making that happen. We’ve already engaged more than 250 suppliers from all of our 15 priority categories, including our top six paper packaging suppliers, to gain transparency into where our raw materials come from.

In 2019, Campbell became a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), bolstering the company’s commitment to responsible sourcing and transparency. Sedex enables Campbell to better understand how our suppliers conduct business and hold them accountable to environmental, labor, health and safety, and business ethics standards. Supplier auditing will begin in 2020.

Recycling symbol and instructions

Similarly, our approach to packaging is based on research, consumer trends and where we can have the greatest impact. Operating as a responsible business requires that we focus our efforts on what will ultimately change consumer behavior, not piecemeal short-term solutions. This has led us to set three key priorities for packaging sustainability:

  • Reducing the amount of packaging sent to landfill;
  • Increasing the use of post-consumer recycled materials in our packages; and
  • Increasing recycling rates through education and infrastructure.

Together, these multipronged solutions will allow us to more systemically eliminate the environmental impact of our packaging for the long term and ensure we are working toward building a clean, sustainable future.