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Forklift moving pallets of Campbell's Soup cans

A New Path Forward for Safety

“Safety first.” It’s a common refrain, and for good reason. Safety at our facilities is paramount and is a foundational expectation of doing business. We’re continually looking for ways to reduce incidents, and over the past year, elevated our safety focus even further. Knowing that times of change can sometimes bring increased injury rates, we’re taking the opportunity to create standardized, proactive processes across Campbell that will help everyone stay safe every day.

We partnered with CorpU, a provider of learning and development programs, to roll out our new standards to approximately 500 facility employees, including emerging leaders, middle-level managers, and senior leaders. The program includes the following elements:

  • New Leadership and Associate Expectations – We’re setting new expectations for leaders to have daily conversations with their teams about safety. A set of critical safety rules can be used to focus these conversations.
  • Change Management – We can’t make change without alignment. As we adopt new standards, we’re partnering with other business units and corporate functions to ensure all parties are aligned from safety, quality and environmental perspectives.
  • Risk Management – Supported by senior leadership, we’re putting more guidance around how we manage risk. We’ll deliver this guidance to facility leaders through a combination of trainings and virtual touchpoints.
  • Safety Observations and Behavior – Our goal is to transform our safety culture to one where peers look out for one another and safe behaviors become second nature. At the beginning of each meeting at our facilities, team members share any safety items that need to be addressed, and these are added to a short-term action board. Leaders follow up on short-term actions until all are completed.
  • Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis – While we continue to strive for zero incidents, we use any incidents that do occur as opportunities to learn and improve. We’ve improved our data management so that we can better see patterns and respond quickly when incidents arise.

As a result of these changes, Campbell achieved a 14 percent reduction in our Total Reportable Incident Rate and a 31 percent reduction in our Lost Time Incident Rate. Our Lakeland, Florida, facility went 365 days without a reportable incident.

Employees collaborating in a shared workspace

Building the Skills We Need to Win

As we transform our company, it’s more important than ever for us to help employees grow their skills and chart their career paths at Campbell. Our Talent Management team’s vision is to create real talent with the right capabilities to ignite our company’s growth. We’re doing this with several new programs designed for employees at varying levels of the company. These include:

perform to Win

perform to WIN uses an objective and key result (OKR) model through which employees set clear objectives aligned to our companies’ strategic priorities for the year. It’s designed to drive greater focus and alignment, improve our operating discipline, and increase accountability. In 2019, 98 percent of salaried employees logged their FY2020 OKRs in Campbell’s tracking system. In addition, three times per year, employees and managers meet for a check-in to help them see where they are succeeding and where they have room to improve, and at the end of the year, employees are recognized and rewarded for performance. We also launched an e-learning module, titled “Home Truths,” which provided guidance on how to navigate these manager check-ins, and more than 900 employees registered.

manage to Win

Managers need support to continually build their capabilities, too. manage to WIN is a program providing development opportunities for managers. The program includes a two-day in-person summit combined with virtual learning on performance coaching, delegation, inclusion and other topics, and provides a forum for managers across the enterprise to come together as a learning community and strengthen their capabilities together.

include to Win

include to Win is a subset of our overall inclusion and diversity programs. It comprises online inclusion training that is available to all salaried employees and is mandatory for all managers. In FY2020, we will be launching two new trainings, “The In Crowd” and “Micro-messages.”

Campbell CEO Mark Clouse with the Campbell Dragon Boat Team

Making Diversity Part of How We Operate

Inclusion and diversity are crucial to building a winning culture – one that commits to listening to, learning from and understanding one another in every interaction. In 2019, we advanced our efforts to foster this winning culture by creating an Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board. This board, which consists of 11 employees from across Campbell divisions and locations, will collaborate with the Talent Management team and advise our Campbell Leadership Team on what it believes is most important to our employees and where it thinks we should focus our inclusion and diversity efforts.

As a result of our business transformation, we reinforced our commitment to inclusion and diversity by embedding inclusion and diversity resources into Campbell’s two business divisions, as well as the enterprise function. This structure allows our business units to develop objectives and action items that align with their business needs. For example, after our Meals & Beverages Sales division began collaborating with the Network of Executive Women (NEW), our Campbell Snacks Sales division committed to support 70 sales professionals in joining NEW to participate in webinars and other NEW-hosted events. We also sent several sales professionals, including our Sales Senior Vice President, to NEW’s annual business conference. Because of the broad appeal of this network and the value of its programming, we are positioning our affiliation with NEW to align with the other work of our Women of Campbell Employee Resource Group in Snacks.

Employee resource groups continue to provide a way for employees to connect, develop and discuss important issues – and they’ve been active for years. For example, the Maxton, North Carolina, location of the Black Resource Group reached its 10-year anniversary in 2019 and celebrated this milestone with a gala. We have 10 employee resource groups at Campbell:

  • Asian Network of Campbell (ANC)
  • Black Resource Group (BRG)
  • Bridge Network
  • Campbell Administrative Professionals (CAPs)
  • Latino Network
  • Maxton American Indian Network (MAIN)
  • Our Pride Employee Network (OPEN)
  • Roots
  • Veterans Connection
  • Women of Campbell (WoC)

Among other engagement activities, some of our employee resource groups host professional development workshops and in 2019, the focus was on perform to WIN and writing strong objectives and key results (OKRs). Others, like the Asian Network, have worked with brands such as Kettle Brand and Swanson on refining their Asian-inspired product flavors, packaging design executions and marketing messages.

Empowering Young Women

In January 2019, Campbell hosted a career development event for the Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program of Greater Philadelphia. The organization’s mission is to “inspire, motivate and empower at-risk young women to live up to their full potential through a unique mentoring program with highly accomplished professional women and scholarship opportunities.”

The event was sponsored by our Black Resource Group (BRG) at our headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, and featured a diversity awareness icebreaker and a career-pathing panel discussion, as well as presentations by BRG leaders and members. Approximately 50 students and program managers attended. The event happened to coincide with the first day at work of our then new CEO Mark Clouse, who graciously treated the participants to a visit and photo op. Finally, the company recognized the volunteer hours our employees spent organizing this event through our Dollars for Doers program and made a corresponding donation to the organization.