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Our Approach

At Campbell, our purpose extends to how we maintain a culture of transparency, integrity, innovation and care. Our people are our most important resources and join the Campbell team because they see their values reciprocated and respected. Our rich legacy is a keen attraction for talent and one that we take immense pride in celebrating and encouraging.

As we’ve welcomed new brands into our family over the last few years, we’ve also spent time reevaluating our approach to employee engagement, inclusion and diversity, training and development, and continuous improvement.

Cellphone displaying Workplace by Facebook @ Campbell

Our new CEO Mark Clouse signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and is committed to enabling more inclusive workplaces. In the last year, we began embedding inclusion and diversity professionals within our operating divisions – Snacks and Meals & Beverages – to ensure more focused objectives, programming and engagement. We are in the process of evaluating our recruitment process for areas where we can change the minimum requirements for positions, which will encourage more diverse candidates to apply. We also adjusted the types of questions we ask in interviews to make sure we are bringing people in who reflect our values.

Our Human Resources team launched three new training and development programs this past year to support our efforts to build a winning team and culture: perform to WIN, manage to WIN and include to WIN to equip current employees with the tools they need to thrive at Campbell. And we remained focused on employee safety with training and development across our facilities, achieving a 14 percent decrease in incident rates as a result in FY2019.

We continued to advance our digital efforts, recognizing our employees’ preference for digital communications. Workplace by Facebook, which was launched in 2017, continues to grow in popularity, supported by employee-led resource groups, work chats, polls, events and shared photos. These not only have led to more engaged employees across our network, but also to a renewed sense of togetherness and pride.

Finally, we conducted a number of celebrations across our facilities to engage our employees in the celebration of our 150th anniversary. Take a look at some of the fun we had at these events that honored our heritage and recognized our employees who have been instrumental in our legacy!