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The Latest in Real Food Innovation

Campbell is committed to meeting consumers’ needs. We’re responding to demands for convenient foods that fit into a variety of lifestyles, from a desire for more plant-based ingredients to a preference for on-the-go options. Check out some of our recent innovations:

Loaf of Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Hearty White bread

Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Hearty White

We developed a new recipe and packaging for our top-selling Farmhouse bread. Hearty White has thick slices and fresh-from-the-oven taste, plus no colors or flavors from artificial sources and no high fructose corn syrup.

Can of V8 +Hydrate


One of Campbell’s nutrition scientists discovered that a blend of sweet potato juice and water is an ideal mixture for quick rehydration and from this, the idea for V8 +Hydrate was born. We paired sweet potato juice with hints of fruit in four delicious flavors: Strawberry Cucumber, Coconut Watermelon, Orange Grapefruit and Blueberry Acai for a refreshing way to rehydrate.

Campbell's Well Yes! Sipping soups

Well Yes! Sipping Soups

Soups are a great way to get your veggies – but they’re not always easy to eat on the go. Our sipping soups provide 20 percent or more of a person’s daily vegetable needs in a microwaveable cup that can be sipped anywhere.

Box of Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth Chicken with Chamomile and Lavender

Pacific Foods Bone Broths

Simple, clean ingredients like organic chicken, turkey or beef bones are slow simmered with vegetables, herbs and just a touch of apple cider vinegar. The result is a hearty bone broth full of naturally occurring collagen protein, which can be sipped by the cup or added to your favorite recipe.

Box of Pacific Foods Barista Series Hemp Plant-Based Beverage

Pacific Foods Barista Series
Plant-Based Beverages

The first branded line of plant-based beverages specially crafted to pair with coffee, Barista Series oat, almond, coconut, rice and soy beverages use the highest-quality ingredients to deliver great texture and taste.

Jar of Prego Italian Sauce Sensitive Recipe Traditional No Onions or Garlic

Prego Sensitive Recipe

This traditional tomato sauce makes delicious Italian meals possible even for those who are avoiding onions and garlic. It’s also suitable for those following a low-FODMAP diet. Best of all, it’s priced right in line with the rest of our Prego portfolio.

Pouch of Plum Organics Mighty Protein & Fiber Plant-Based Protein banana, white bean, strawberry, and chia fruit & veggie blend

Plum Organics Mighty Protein
& Fiber Pouches

This line of toddler pouches delivers plant-based protein from veggies, seeds and fruit. Each pouch provides at least 2 grams of fiber per serving, 200 mg of omega-3 ALA from chia seeds and is certified organic with no genetically modified ingredients.

Cans of V8 Hydrate

Plant-Powered Hydration: V8 +Hydrate

The V8 brand introduced its newest plant-powered beverage, V8 +Hydrate. Our new plant-based hydration beverage uses the goodness of sweet potato juice to provide consumers with naturally occurring electrolytes and glucose that aid in hydration and replenishment. With only 45 calories in each 8-oz can, V8 +Hydrate has one full serving of vegetables, no artificial sweeteners, is non-GMO, gluten free and vegan friendly. V8 +Hydrate brings consumers what they want: great taste, natural electrolytes and functionality – all at an accessible price point. We partnered with actor Dr. Ken Jeong at the “Center for Hangover Research” to show the rehydrating power of V8 +Hydrate. Check out Dr. Ken's research here.

Sweet Potatoes

Grain Options That Fit Consumers’ Needs

Campbell is a proud partner of the Whole Grains Council, which is committed to increasing consumption of whole grains for better health. The Council does this through consumer education resources, media engagement and their Whole Grain Stamp program. To receive a stamp, each product goes through third-party validation from the Whole Grains Council to confirm that each serving of the product is at least 50 percent whole grain. Over 75 of our products currently carry this stamp, including our Late July chips, Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain breads, Lance sandwich crackers and more. In FY2019, we delivered over 1.5 billion servings1 of whole grains through Pepperidge Farm and Campbell brands.

Jar of Medium Pace Chunky Salsa

At the same time, we also offer products that meet the needs of people adhering to a gluten-free diet. Our Kettle Brand chips and Emerald nuts are 100-percent-certified gluten-free, and brands like Snyder’s of Hanover and Late July provide gluten-free versions of their products. For several years, Snyder’s of Hanover and Lance have made donations to support the Celiac Disease Foundation’s mission. Our Meals & Beverages portfolio also provides gluten-free options for select products from Pace, Prego, Swanson and V8. In FY2019 alone, we sold over $2.5 billion in gluten-free snacks, beverages, broths and sauces.

This data does not include our newly-acquired Snyder's-Lance brands. As a result, the number of servings of whole grains is underreported here. We are working to integrate our acquisitions into our data tracking systems to improve our data accuracy in the future.

Product Transparency That Informs and Educates

We believe in telling our consumers what is in our products so they can make informed choices about the foods they enjoy. This is why we are committed to transparency – providing information about our products on packaging and online to help consumers make food choices that meet their needs and the needs of their family. And we ensure that 100 percent of our products provide nutrition information on packaging globally.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts follows a rigorous multistep review process to ensure any claims we make for our products are truthful and not misleading to consumers. In addition to an extensive internal review process, regulatory agencies enforce compliance in our operating markets. At a minimum, we label for energy (calories), total fat, saturated fat, sodium, carbohydrates and protein. Most products also include a percentage of recommended daily intakes for nutrients per serving.

We participate in front-of-pack labeling systems mandated by regulations throughout Central and South American markets. We also participate in voluntary front-of-pack labeling programs throughout other regions as determined by individual businesses.

For consumers who want more information about our food, beyond what we can fit on product packaging, additional information about ingredients, nutrition and claims is available online on individual brand websites.

Sharing Insights Across Our Brands

Boxes of Pacific Foods Soups and Broth

In 2018, we identified the opportunity to share best practices across Campbell's brands that are marketing natural and organic products. As a result, we created a cross-functional task force that allowed brands to share learnings on topics including labeling, nutrition, supply chain transparency and more. The Organic-Natural Task Force (ONTF) functioned across brands to enhance awareness around the organic-natural consumer base and the unique marketing, innovation and supply chain opportunities that they provide. Through the ONTF, we fueled our collective growth through collaboration and in 2019, we also created a governance council to ensure ongoing engagement between Task Force members. This council enables content development for shareability, the championing of initiatives as identified and acts as liaisons between the Task Force and various functions.