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Our Approach

From our humble beginnings canning whole, fresh tomatoes for use throughout the winter, to the multitude of products we make today, Campbell has spent the last 150 years providing multiple generations of American families with hearty and healthy food options. Our purpose – Real food that matters for life’s moments – holds true despite the many changes we’ve seen across diets, lifestyles and expectations from consumers over those years.

Our Real Food Philosophy, which emphasizes transparency, consumer sentiments and expectations, as well as food prepared sustainably and with care, guides our work to develop new products and innovate existing ones. This Philosophy ensures we are giving people real food that they can enjoy, trust and afford, and that meet their health and well-being goals. As consumers continue to show more interest in plant-based options, more natural ingredients and clean labels, we work hard to keep our research and development efforts in line with our Philosophy and these changing consumer demands.

For instance, with the Well Yes! line of sipping soups, we are changing how millennials view and consume soup. They want convenience, great taste and purposefully chosen, nutritious and recognizable ingredents. And it has been a success for us because we’ve married doing the right thing with what consumers want. This has required agility, a keen sense of what’s ahead, building close relationships with our suppliers and always ensuring that our Real Food Philosophy is a driving factor in our decision-making.

We also worked with our panel of scientific advisors, made up of respected food and nutrition scientists from leading universities and private organizations, to build more transparency around our stance on sensitive issues. We know that transparency is important to our consumers and other stakeholders, and in FY2019, we finalized and published our first corporate position paper on sodium.

As tastes and diets continue to evolve, we will continue to keep our eyes set on what our consumers want and what we believe is the right way forward for accessible and nutritious food. Just as we led the food industry in our commitment to voluntarily label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food, we remain committed to stakeholder transparency into the future so that our consumers can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.