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Our Approach

Supporting and engaging with our communities is core to who we are at Campbell. It has been a part of our DNA from the beginning – starting with our founders – and has continued to drive our philanthropy today. Throughout our 150-year history, this legacy of giving has remained one of the critical ways in which we deliver on the promise of our purpose.

Our Giving That Matters community affairs programming is built around our mission to strengthen and empower healthy communities in our hometowns and enhance employees’ connections to both company and personal purpose. Through our direct grantmaking, including the Campbell Soup Foundation and signature Campbell’s Healthy Communities program, employee engagement initiatives, in-kind giving, disaster relief and more, we work to achieve this mission by focusing our philanthropy on three focus areas:

  • Increasing healthy food access
  • Encouraging healthy living
  • Nurturing Campbell neighborhoods
Planting trees in a community neighborhood

We work to increase healthy food access by concentrating on driving long-term solutions and changes to food systems that result in better accessibility to fresh, healthy foods. We also understand that in order to change the food people eat, we need to encourage healthy living by providing access to nutrition education and active lifestyle programs. Finally, nurturing Campbell neighborhoods, by transforming the physical spaces where people live, learn and play, is a necessary foundation for building healthy communities wherever we are.

We believe that in order to build solutions to meet our communities’ most pressing social needs, we must engage in initiatives that are informed and championed by local residents to ensure their sustainability. This, coupled with the passion and skills of our employees, our expertise as a food company and learnings from our signature Campbell’s Healthy Communities program, are helping inform what’s next for Campbell and our philanthropy.

We are excited to share five new FY2025 community goals to build on our strong foundation of giving and further expand our impact in a few key areas.

  1. Increase food access for 100,000 residents in Campbell communities.
  2. Provide nutrition education to 50,000 people to encourage healthy living in Campbell communities.
  3. Invest $5 million to improve the school food environment for children.
  4. Engage 70 percent of Campbell employees in community-based activities.
  5. Contribute 75,000 traditional and skills-based employee volunteer hours across Campbell’s footprint to increase the capacity of our community partners.