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Our Approach

Real food is rooted in care – care for our natural resources, for quality and safety, and for our planet. As the world’s population rises, so does the urgency of continuing to produce enough food to feed everyone amid a changing climate.

In FY2019, we focused on learning how our new brands approach sustainability, reexamining our commitments and roadmaps, and developing a comprehensive approach to continue making progress against our goals. We have much to be proud of and on which to build. Our operational sustainability program started in earnest in 2010 when we set our first series of commitments to reduce water and energy usage, as well as improve our recycle rates.

Solar panel

In FY2017, we set new environmental commitments to reflect who we were at that time. Now looking forward, our newly acquired brands will reshape Campbell’s sustainability program once again. In 2019, we integrated our acquired businesses into our data systems and goals and removed our divested businesses. We have reset our FY2017 baseline for our public commitments to reflect these changes and continue to strive to manage our impacts on the environment. And with our new family of brands, we have increased our on-site renewable impact to a total of five solar installations and two fuel cells that generate renewable electricity for Campbell, contributing to our renewable energy commitment.

We completed a water risk assessment in FY2019 to better understand our regional water risks, continued to improve energy efficiency at our plants, made progress against our food waste and waste-to-landfill goals, and consolidated our Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification under NSF International, known for their rigorous food safety standards. Producing our food with care is of utmost importance to us – whether it’s the energy or water used to make it or our approach to eliminating waste from our system – and one that we will continue to prioritize.