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Our Approach

Real food has roots. Roots in natural ingredients, delicious taste and sustainable agriculture. Real food has roots in quality and heritage. And our focus on integrating sustainability principles into how we grow our food and nurture our land continues in partnership with farmers across the country.

Campbell’s priority ingredients for sustainable agriculture are tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, soy and jalapeños – ingredients important to our brands and our stakeholders. In fact, with the acquisition of Snyder’s-Lance and the formation of the Campbell Snacks division, we are now one of the largest purchasers of chipping potatoes in America.

We recognize our impact can be significant. That’s why we have been working on projects that conserve natural resources, improve livelihoods on farms and connect farmers with the latest innovations and data analytics. These efforts empower farmers to make better-informed decisions. They also help us be transparent with our customers and consumers on the progress we make and on challenges that are too complex to be solved with short-term solutions. After all, real food must also be rooted in respect for nature – and we continue to learn from nature about how to best nurture it while growing enough food sustainably and responsibly to feed an ever-growing world.

Basket of potatoes

Partnerships are a core component of our approach. In 2019, we partnered with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) to help launch a task force on Responsible Pest Management. We assisted in recruiting a broader set of members for the task force and helped inform its guidelines and objectives. The task force is up and running and currently working to collect and analyze available data on pest management. The goal: to develop metrics and tools which can be used by farmers and companies to measure and report responsible pest management, and identify opportunities to reduce risk on farms.