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Quantifiable data is key to measuring our impact and tracking our progress against efforts to reduce our environmental impact. To do so, we track our environmental performance on both an absolute and an intensity basis.




global recycling

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*Note: Campbell has acquired four companies and divested one business since 2008 when it first publicly reported environmental metrics and set the baseyear for all of its reduction goals. Bolthouse Farms was acquired in August 2012, Plum in June 2013, Kelsen in August 2013 and Garden Fresh Gourmet in June 2015. Campbell divested its European simple meals business in October 2013. As a result of these changes in the Campbell portfolio, and in accordance with the guidance from the WRI WBCSD GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, we removed the divested European business from our environmental data back to our baseyear in last year’s report. And this year, we have integrated, back to our baseyear, all acquisitions except for Garden Fresh Gourmet, which will be incorporated into the next report.