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The strength of our workforce determines the strength of our business. At Campbell, we believe that creating a high-performance culture rooted in integrity, accountable for results, and committed to bringing our Purpose to life is essential to the sustainability of our company. Holistically, a workplace culture embodies many elements, including talent management, workplace wellness, employee engagement and inclusiveness. Attracting, developing, engaging and retaining a diverse and high-performing workforce reflective of our consumer base is crucial to achieving our business objectives. Today, attracting and retaining highly talented employees is often a challenge, but we understand that it is important to reduce the costs associated with turnover and ensure that we have the right talent in place to succeed in our high-performance work environment.


Our company Purpose acts as a North Star to guide our actions every day, as each employee demonstrates our values and leadership behaviors. We understand that we make real food for real people, that what we do every day matters and that our work plays a role in shaping important moments in our consumers’ lives. Our Purpose sits at the top of our Greatness Agenda. Campbell’s Greatness Agenda sets forth the goal of our business to define the future of real food and to become a $10 billion company by strengthening our core, expanding into faster-growing spaces and becoming a high-performance organization.

To become a high-performance organization we will need to:

  • Attract and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the consumer base we want to serve today and tomorrow; and
  • Transform our culture by placing the consumer first, driving decisions and owning results.

Our Growth Agenda is enabled, in part, by living our values and our Leadership Model. Our employees are expected to understand and demonstrate the essential behaviors represented by our Leadership Model.

Our Leadership Model is a dynamic one and has evolved over the years to reflect important strategic priorities. Most recently, the model was modified to reflect the importance of putting our consumer first. This reinforces the imperative of considering the interests of our consumers in everything we do.

While our Greatness Agenda and Leadership Model define the actions and behaviors that will help us build a high-performance culture at Campbell, we also depend on each employee to live our shared values of Character, Competence, Courage and Teamwork.

  • Character: Inspiring trust, acting with integrity and taking accountability for our results and our people.
  • Competence: Building a learning organization with diverse perspectives, developing new capabilities to drive growth and innovation, and executing our plan with agility to deliver our business results.
  • Courage: Generating bolder business ideas, challenging the status quo, managing conflict constructively, and embracing experimentation and calibrated business risk.
  • Teamwork: Working together, operating as “One Team Plus” with an enterprise-wide mindset, and encouraging open and honest communication.

To attract the right talent, we must offer a culture that is consistent with today’s changing workforce, reflecting the values of evolving workforce demographics. Today, we have strategies in place to ensure that our employees receive the training they need to grow and that they are provided with a workplace in which they are engaged. We provide our employees with the resources and tools needed to empower them to do their best work, as well as to grow, learn and develop their careers. We understand that this is a long-term commitment and requires varied programs that can provide opportunities through experience, feedback, mentorship and training.

Training and Development

Training and development are essential to ensuring that our employees are successful. Campbell University (CU) offers programs for learning and career development through a variety of media, including classroom-based courses, webinars, podcasts and self-paced e-learning options to our entire workforce. In FY2015, we took CU to the next level by expanding the presence of CU online globally, converting many in-class sessions to e-learning or web-based classes and adding an ongoing needs assessment. Some of Campbell’s training and development opportunities include:

  • CU “Work Out Wednesdays” (WOW) offering a diverse catalog of over 32 different courses globally
  • CU Manager Excellence, an important driver of high performance with its six-month comprehensive learning curriculum program designed to create consistency across the enterprise
  • CU Future Leaders providing sessions for top talent poised to take on global leadership roles
  • Tuition reimbursement of $10,000 per year to eligible employees in the U.S. who complete courses at accredited schools to enhance skills associated with their roles at Campbell
  • Access for all employees to external memberships to organizations such as Leadership America and Leaders Edge/Leaders By Design that specifically support the development of executive women
  • Online talent management system allowing employees worldwide to manage their personal development and career goals and receive feedback and insights from their managers

These and other training and development opportunities are discussed between managers and employees around the world as part of annual performance reviews. This review process also factors in individual development plans, which are customized around each employee’s career experiences, skills, interests and aspirations.

Employee Engagement

To support our move to a high-performance organization, we realized the need to implement a more comprehensive tool that measures not only engagement, but also our organization’s levels of performance excellence in key areas. In 2012, we began measuring this performance through the annual Drive Survey. The results of the Drive Survey are used to guide top-level changes in support of our strategic priorities and to further develop our high-performance culture. Manager excellence is a key driver in a high-performing organization, and we survey our global salaried population twice per year on manager excellence topics. We also leverage this survey to measure other key strategic initiatives like customer orientation and company Purpose. Our continuous improvement process also includes a survey of the Campbell employees every other year. This is especially important in the integration of new acquisitions so that we are capturing feedback holistically.

Rewarding Performance

High-performing people create high-performing organizations. We drive individual high performance by assessing our employees based on their contributions to the business, not just tasks completed. We incentivize strong performance results through ongoing programs designed to help advance their careers, maximize their contributions within their roles and develop the requisite skills to perform more effectively.

Peer recognition is also an important part of building a high-performance culture. Campbell has a number of employee recognition programs at both the local and global levels that are designed to identify and reward employees whose contributions and actions make a difference. One such program is our Make a Difference Awards. This unique online recognition program allows our employees to formally thank another employee for making a difference at any time of the year. The recipients of MAD awards receive a gift card and a certificate to display in their workspace.

Campbell’s Greatness Awards — our premier, company-wide recognition program — recognize individual employees and teams for results that directly support our business strategies, Leadership Model and values. Campbell’s second annual Greatness Awards recognized the outstanding achievements of 22 Campbell teams and individuals throughout FY2015. The categories for recognition include: strengthening our core business, expanding and innovating in new spaces and segments, enabling growth and leadership, driving a culture of high performance, and living our Purpose to make a difference through moments that matter. The winners in each category receive a trophy and a monetary award.

greatness award winners

The following is a sampling of some of our award winners.

OPEN Norwalk — Fiscal 2015 Greatness Award Winners

OPEN Norwalk engaged in meaningful community and marketing events to make an authentic statement of support for LGBT consumers. Most notable was the team’s participation in three New York City Pride events, with historic attendance of more than 2 million. These efforts also increased market share and gave Pepperidge Farm a competitive advantage with retailer Duane Reade.

Paris Warehouse Reconditioning and Maintenance Design Teams

In 2015, the Warehouse Reconditioning and Maintenance Design teams in Paris, Texas, each actively chose to become even higher-performing organizations, engaging all team members with a continuous improvement mindset. By defining their own vision, mission and approach, each team defined new roles as technicians to better improve results and to establish a “flow-to-the-work” culture.

Human Resources “Project Power” Team

Thanks to the Project Power team, managers around the world now have access to information that allows them to own, manage and develop their talent. The team delivered streamlined and standardized processes, self-service capabilities, portal content for support and guidance, cutting-edge technology and a shared service center.

Employee Health & Wellness

Campbell believes the management of personal health is a shared responsibility with our employees. To support our employees in making healthy lifestyle choices, we offer an array of resources to help them choose the right plans, manage their health and take accountability for their well-being so they may thrive at work, at home and in the community. We provide a competitive benefits package that enables employees to reach their personal and professional goals. This holistic approach encourages a healthy work/life balance and helps our employees to proactively manage health, career and financial milestones.

High Performance and Managing Health Go Hand-in-Hand

The health and productivity of our employees supports our commitment to drive a high-performance organization. At Campbell, employees are accountable for managing their health. We foster this behavior by providing various tools and resources to support employees and their families in making appropriate lifestyle choices that boost productivity, performance and employee well-being.

In 2015, for example, we introduced a health advocacy service to assist employees with choosing the appropriate level of coverage during annual enrollment, selecting a doctor or specialist, navigating and resolving complex medical bills, securing second opinions and explaining conditions and treatments. In addition, telemedicine services were introduced that provide a 24/7 virtual office visit with a doctor for non-emergencies via phone or video, where permitted.

We also offer a tool in which employees complete a confidential health assessment to better understand the key indicators of their current health profile and any potential risks. This assessment then connects participants to relevant in-person and online wellness programs to address identified issues. Eligible employees also may utilize “active lifestyle coaching,” which provides access to a health coach to support the achievement of personal health goals. Additional tools include a smoking cessation program, which provides phone counseling and nicotine replacement therapy if needed. Employees may also join the onsite, state-of-the-art fitness facility at the World Headquarters location, where personal training sessions and exercise classes are offered. Corporate discounts to select fitness facilities are also available.

Total Rewards  and Wealth Creation

Campbell offers a competitive, market-based, performance-driven Total Rewards program. Employees are evaluated annually through our Performance Management process, which links objectives with measurable business outcomes. The goal of the program is to reward individual and team contributions based on the outcomes. Campbell also offers various retirement benefits, including a 401(k) retirement plan. This plan offers multiple investment choices that employees choose based on their personal goals and individual risk tolerance.

Work/Life Balance

Campbell helps employees balance their work and personal commitments through flexible work arrangements and other resources, including:

  • 24-hour access to counseling on personal, emotional, workplace, parenting and other issues
  • Information on everyday challenges such as budgeting for personal finances, locating daycare or elder care, and searching for colleges
  • Stress management resources provided through multiple channels. These resources include monthly webinars about child care and parenting, emotional health and wellness

At World Headquarters, onsite daycare is available to assist working parents in balancing professional and parenting priorities. The center offers full- and part-time early education and preschool, drop-in care, emergency-care, and a school-age summer camp.

Campbell also offers concierge services to acquire event tickets, arrange for pet sitters, make restaurant reservations and more. An onsite credit union is available at the World Headquarters location.