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To better meet the needs of America’s increasingly diverse population, our workforce should mirror the increasing diversity of our consumers. We keep our finger on the pulse of diversity trends in the marketplace in order to help us create an authentic connection with our current and future employees. According to the most recent U.S. Census, ethnic groups will account for 85 percent of the population growth through 2050. In today’s workforce, 40 percent are women, 20 percent are people with disabilities and 10 percent are people who identify as LGBT.

Understanding how to adapt our business to this changing consumer landscape, and adapting our Workforce Diversity & Inclusion (WD&I) strategy accordingly, is critical to our ability to achieve high performance and fulfill our Purpose — Real food that matters for life’s moments. We continue to concentrate on cultivating leadership and employee capabilities and awareness around diversity and inclusion, while enriching our culture and employee engagement through our Business Resource Affinity Networks (BRANs).


The past year was one of growth for Campbell’s commitment to WD&I. We took significant enterprise-wide steps to further integrate diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. Highlights include launching:

  • Our newest employee affinity group called Roots, aimed at engaging Campbell employees on real food and sustainability;
  • The Real Series, focused on engagement and retention of black talent; and
  • The eRecipe book, published by our Norwalk-based BRANs and the OPEN network’s New York and Philadelphia Pride partnerships, to connect consumers with our products.

Building on the momentum of 2015, we are well positioned to accelerate our journey toward a more authentic culture of diversity and inclusion. To drive continuous improvement, we conducted a strategy refresh in FY2015. Moving forward, WD&I will be focused on three key drivers of success:

  • Driving high performance by ensuring leaders and employees understand the connection between WD&I and high performance, and by equipping them with the information, tools and vehicles to personally activate their commitment.
  • Positioning inclusion as our strategic differentiator through support of leadership and management in leveraging the diversity of the talents, perspectives and skills that our increasingly dynamic workforce brings to the table at Campbell.
  • Increasing visible and measureable accountability by improving how we track and analyze WD&I data to more effectively drive strategy and elevate enterprise accountability by clearly articulating goals and metrics.

By attracting and retaining talent reflective of our consumers and transforming our culture into our Greatness Agenda, Campbell enabled leaders and employees to unite in several key growth areas. These include Positioning for Growth; Building Awareness and Adaptability; Engaging Leaders’ Talent; and Creating Community.

Positioning for Growth

We have integrated WD&I into the Global Talent Management Center of Excellence, helping to build synergies, increase efficiencies and eliminate silos across the enterprise. These enhanced collaborations, centered on attracting talent (sourcing and recruiter training), manager empowerment and engagement (toolkits and key messages) and talent growth and retention (development programs for high-performing team members) and resulted in positive results in FY2015.

Building Awareness & Capability

Creating a culture of inclusion does not happen overnight. We are investing in teaching our employees about their unconscious biases and increasing their levels of self-awareness in order to change behavior. In FY2015, we launched a new development program, Inclusive Leadership: Discovering Unconscious Bias, designed to help employees appreciate the increasing diversity of our workforce and leverage the richness of our differences. Leadership and human resources professionals received this training initially. Based on the positive results, we are rolling out the program to additional groups of employees in 2016.

Engaging Leaders, Talent & Creating Community

We drive leadership and management engagement and accountability through a variety of touch points. These include biannual WD&I-focused leadership meetings, constant coordination with human resources leadership and trickle-down communication of key diversity and inclusion messages from enterprise leadership.

Fostering Future Women & Minority Leaders

Looking to ensure the next generation of Campbell leaders, we invited 30 students from Camden Academy Charter High School to our World Headquarters in FY2015 as part of the second annual global STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Career Accelerator Day. STEM Career Accelerator Day 2015 aimed to expose and excite 10,000 students in grades eight through 12 to engage with STEM careers through an experiential visit and interaction with professionals.

A particular focus for the global program is to engage young women and students from minority backgrounds to consider STEM careers. This a unique opportunity to not only engage and inspire students who have an interest in STEM, but also to allow Campbell, as an employer, the opportunity to help frame the curriculum and develop the skills needed for future STEM roles and potential future candidates.

As an advocate for mentoring future women leaders in business, in FY2015 we hosted the official launch of Women of the Dream, a nonprofit organization focused on developing African-American girls to help them achieve careers and healthy, productive lifestyles through workshops, mentoring, networking and scholarships. The program has the potential to make a profound impact in our hometown of Camden for the next generation of women.

Business Resource Affinity Networks (BRANs)

Our BRANs are employee-led, company-supported volunteer organizations that help us focus and connect with our increasingly diverse employee and consumer bases. We rely heavily on our nine BRANs as pathways to leverage talent and increase cultural curiosity, sensitivity and connection. By leveraging our BRAN leadership positions as stretch assignments to grow capability and increase visibility of high-performing talent, we get the best of multiple worlds: inspired leadership from passionate employees, innovative development opportunities and grassroots-level role models who motivate peers and leaders alike. Our networks currently include:

Asian Network of Campbell (ANC)

Focuses on Asian employee and professional development

Black Resource Group (BRG)

Works to attract, retain and empower top black talent

Bridge Network

Fosters trust and collaboration across generations

Campbell Administrative Professionals (CAPs)

Enhances organizational vitality and promotes excellence among administrative employees

Hispanic Network de Campbell (HNdeC)

Creates an environment of inclusion and provides consumer insights related to Hispanic employees and consumers

Maxton American Indian Network (MAIN)

Empowers and engages American Indian employees at our Maxton manufacturing facility

Our Pride Employee Network (OPEN)

Aims to add value through LGBT initiatives


Inspires employees to bring our Purpose to life by exciting the Campbell community around real food and sustainability

Women of Campbell (WoC)

Strives to help Campbell women achieve and demonstrate their full potential

Board Gender Diversity

It is important that our Board of Directors reflects the diversity of our marketplace. In 2015, we were honored by two leading organizations focused on advancing women’s leadership, the Women’s Forum of New York and the Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ). At their Breakfast of Corporate Champions, the Women’s Forum of New York named Campbell a “corporate game changer” for having at least 20 percent female representation on its Board of Directors. EWNJ recognized Campbell with the Corporate Board Gender Diversity Award, which acknowledges publicly held companies in New Jersey who have at least three women on their boards. Currently, four females sit on Campbell’s 12-member Board, including one executive.

Legacy of LGBT Advocacy

Ensuring and respecting diversity and creating an inclusive workplace will continue to be key to unlocking our potential. In 2015, we received a perfect score for the seventh year on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s annual Corporate Equality Index, were designated as a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality and earned a spot on the HRC’s 2016 Buying Guide for Equality — a guide to businesses, products and services that support LGBT equality. These awards are evidence of our commitment to being one of the nation’s top places where employees can confidently bring their whole selves to work.

The Financial Times, in partnership with OUTstanding, an LGBT network for business leaders and allies, named Campbell’s Bethmara Kessler, Vice President of Corporate Audit, to the Top 100 Leading LGBT Executives, with Kessler being ranked 59th. To be named to the OUTstanding Top 100, each nominee was judged by the following criteria: activities undertaken to make the workplace a more welcoming place; activities a nominee is involved with outside of the workplace that help to achieve positive change for LGBT people; recent business achievements; and seniority and influence in the business. Kessler also serves as the Business Advisor for Campbell’s OPEN network.

“As the first woman to lead Campbell in our 145-year history, I feel that I have a responsibility to serve as a role model and mentor for young women and help them open doors of opportunity. I want all of you [student mentees] to know that the women in this room stand with you as you begin a journey that can change your lives and help set you on the path to a fulfilling and rewarding life. We’re here to help you soar!”

Denise Morrison, Campbell President and CEO

Speaking to Women of the Dream, a non-profit organization focused on developing African-American girls to help them achieve careers and healthy, productive lifestyles

Footnotes +
  1. Data represents Campbell employees currently registered in our HR Database (approx. 85 percent of all employees) and does not include contract or seasonal employees or Kelsen Group and a portion of our employees in Indonesia and Malaysia. We are continuing to progress toward total integration.
  2. Does not include contract workers, Bolthouse Farms, Kelsen Group, Indonesia or Malaysia.