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Our social metrics span a variety of key areas of social responsibility, including occupational safety, diversity, employee benefits and philanthropic donations.





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**Does not include Bolthouse Farms

  1. Includes Employee Contributions, Administration and Management Overhead Fees.
  2. Costs represent U.S. Healthcare spends only, net of restructuring. Excludes Bolthouse and IBNR adjustments.
  3. In 2016, we elected to change our method of accounting for the recognition of actuarial gains and losses for defined benefit pension and postretirement plans and the calculation of expected return on pension plan assets. Historically, actuarial gains and losses associated with benefit obligations were recognized in Accumulated other comprehensive loss in the Consolidated Balance Sheets and were amortized into earnings over the remaining service life of participants to the extent that the amounts were in excess of a corridor. Under the new policy, gains and losses will be recognized immediately in our Consolidated Statements of Earnings as of the measurement date, which is our fiscal year end, or more frequently if an interim remeasurement is required. In addition, we will no longer use a market-related value of plan assets, which is an average value, to determine the expected return on assets but rather will use the fair value of plan assets. We believe the new policies will provide greater transparency to ongoing operating results and better reflect the impact of current market conditions on the obligations and assets. Please see our 8-K filed on December 10, 2015.